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it’s not you’re* or your*. it’s all Mine. everything is Mine

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Now I have to pretend 😒

It’s the same cycle over and over and over and over again.


Yes, I would like a baby goat loaf, please

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literally nothing feels better than being loved by someone who hates everyone

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My brother’s cat, Otis. He sat like this for 15 minutes, totally transfixed. Every time they would roar, he meowed back

dream big, Otis

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girls with eyes :)

girls with no eyes )

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I feel bad for you 😁

UHS Medical ish

Day 25 of summer. Most likely 102 more days left.

Today is my ish up Medical Check up. My mom and my aunt went with me. Dapat luluwas 6 am. 7 na umalis. Waited for JAM, wala naman so we went for JAC.

The plan was to be there by 8 para konti tao. Pero 8 na kami umalis ng San Pablo hahaha. We stopped in Jollibee to pick up my Dad bec he went to Bulacan and stuff.

We ate. And Dad drove us to UP. 

As usual I am again, stunned sa campus. Ganda kasi talaga :( Ewan. Nafeel ko talaga ang malakas na Univ Vibes. 

Oble is looking very fine with his Sablay. :))

I thought graduation na because of the Sablay on Oble. Di pa naman pala :)) 

We went to the University Health Services Building. Cut off na raw ng 11:30. Dumating ako don 11:33. Hah. Bumalik daw ng 1 pm. Okay. I said. Okay. Pero pumunta pa rin akong Conference room :)))) Pinapasok naman ako kaya nakapagstart na ako.

The medical people are actually really nice. They took my height and weight. BMI. Eye thing. BP. Underweight na ulit ako. 17.67 :(. I lost weight because of the gastric freakers. And I grew a little taller. (I’m partying inside) Also, I found out that 20/20 pa ang vision ko. So that’s really amazing. 

1 pm kami pinabalik para sa dental. So umikot muna kami ng campus.

Tita had a picture. I refused to have a photo bec I’m not gonna graduate.

Lol kidding. My mom put me up to this. May sablay naman si Oble malay mo reversing the spells HAHAHA.

UP is seriously filled with sunflowers. Like it’s so gorgeous. I wish I had a photo nung nasa University Avenue, kasi yun yung maganda. But sunflowers are everywhere. It’s so pretty. 

Sunflowers might be one of my favorite flowers now. It’s so beautiful. 

Okay taking this photo from this guy Joshua Dalupan. These are the Univ ave flowers. It’s so uusihdahas. 

And we head to the Centennial Dorm to check it out. It’s like seriously, the nicest dorm in UP. If I’d be dorming I’d prefer going to this dorm. Other dorms are bleh. But I applied to both Centennial and Kalayaan. Because. Just because. I have to dorm inside since I’m not really used to the place yet. I’ll move out daw when I’m used to QC.

I’m sorry it’s my only photo. And it’s an accident photo.

So yeah. 1 pm. Went to the Dental Clinic. it was fast. Like literally 2 mins. you’re done. The dentist is nice too. 

Then the Triage. The triage was seriously the most scary part. Because you know a lot of people told me that you have to be prepared and all. But in a guys perspective they were a bit terrified. Nagulat na lang daw sila sa “Unbuckle you belts and pull down your pants”. I mean at first I didn’t get the point of why do you have to see us naked. But when I went there, it wasn’t really that bad. The doctor was so professional. And so kind.  But srsly, prepare for boob examination. And testicles examination for guys. Sounds pretty off but it’s for the health.

After that I thought I was done. I went to the Public Health Service and realized I left my phone in the doctors office. I went back. It’s still there luckily. And I went back to the PHS. They didn’t give me a medical certificate because I was underweight daw. 

So I have to got to the Nutritional Center to get consultation. Isa lang nakapila nung una. Pero dumami na sa sobrang tagal nung isang consultation. Seriously, dalwa lang kaming underweight na nakapila. Lahat yung iba over na. I made some friends kasi ang tagal nung pila. Si Joan hahaha.

Tapos ang daldal nung doctor. Daming sinabi. Na sobrang helpful para sakin. Para maimprove ko ang aking BMI. Height. Health. 

So yeah. Narealize ko nama ang halaga nung medical. Ayaw nga naman ng university na ggraduate ng hindi matatanggap naman sa trabaho dahil mahina. Sayang naman daw ang education na binigay.

So yeah.

We went to Trinoma. I swear. Ang tagal mamili ni mommy at ni tita. Sumakit na yung paa ko kakasunod sa kanila. Napagod ako kaya I chilled with daddy. Nakaupo lang kami tapos tinatawanan namin yung mga nagsshop.  Tapos may isang damit na nagandahan ako. Sa sobrang tagal naming nakaupo ni daddy, nawitness namin kung gano karaming naginteres sa damit na yon. Kaso iniwan kasi sobrang mahal. HAHAHAHA.

We ate foodies in Yellow Cab. Fab food. And snacks sa Dairy queen. Fab food too. 

We went home. I just fell asleep in ze car bec so tired and so cold. 

And hi. 

Wow you made it here? Congrats :))


"i hope you step on 7 legos" and my all time favorite "I’m used to it"

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